How long delivery takes?

Delivery takes 4 to 5 days after payment is completed for outside Belgium, 2 days for Belgium.

What is so particular with your collections?

All my pieces are 100% authentic, New old stock ( NOS), real vintage, No reproduction and mint or nearly mint condition. Sometimes I choose model not for their brands but for their quality and special design, choosing I-wearvintage frame is also choosing a style. I am taking a particular attention for each pair, readjusting if needed, sometimes changing lenses if needed to brand new ones (Essilor).

Who are you?

I am an artist in the decorative arts field and also singer ( under my shower). I have a sharpens look on quality and aesthetic things which surround me. I was attracted by vintage sunglasses after hunting clothes and other accessories for many years. I am traveling a lot and did many deals with international vintage shops. I naturally had to do my own website to satisfy a growing interest from customers. Hope to make you satisfy.